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Guerino Bertocchi

Guerino Bertocchi

Guerino Bertocchi played a fundamental role in the history of the Maserati brand’s development. Born on 29 October 1907, he stood out as a very talented driver from an early age. He first competed for Maserati as a mechanic alongside Alfieri Maserati in the 1925 Targa Florio and as co-driver in the Maserati Tipo 26C in the Mille Miglia on 12 April 1931 at just 23 years of age. He remained faithful to Maserati all his life, first as a co-driver and then as an engineer and test driver. A personality of invaluable worth to Maserati, who left his mark on its history through his commitment, dedication and passionate love of cars.

Guerino Bertocchi and racing

Guerino Bertocchi had a very long racing career, competing on board Maserati cars for more than thirty years. Bertocchi took part in thirteen editions of the Mille Miglia, with results that brought him eight victories, always as co-driver alongside great names such as Piero Taruffi, Omobono Tenni and Emilio Giletti. The various races in which Guerino Bertocchi competed also included the 1948 Targa Florio, in which he raced in a Maserati A6GC with Luigi Villoresi, the 1953 Pescara 12 Hour Race in a Maserati A6GCS with Luigi Musso, and the Le Mans 24 Hours, in which he took part with Lloyd Casner and André Simon on board a Maserati Tipo 151 on 16 June 1963. Guerino Bertocchi was also chosen as a back-up driver in many other events, including Formula 1 races.

A Test Driver’s Life

As well as his racing exploits, Guerino Bertocchi also went down in the history of Maserati as a test driver of the Brand’s new cars. The key points of his career with Maserati included his work in the engine testing room and in road tests: not one of the Brand’s cars left the factory without his approval, as Bertocchi checked every car, test-driving them himself and helping Maserati to achieve constant growth and development for many of the 100 years of its history.

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