Maserati is a well-known automobile manufacturer whose name is familiar to everyone. However, just a few people are aware of its history and progress. Maserati has a rich history, but we’ve managed to condense it into a few key events for you to learn more about the brand.

The emergence of Maserati in 1914

Maserati was born into a family with a strong interest in engineering and motorsports. At the beginning of the century, Carlos, the Maserati’s eldest brother, worked as a test driver for Fiat and Isotta Fraschini, who lay the groundwork for the brand.

However, after Carlos’ death, Alfieri, the Maserati brothers’ middle brother, faced whole duty. Alfieri began working with machinery at the age of 16 and was described as a talented mechanic. In December 1914, he and his other brothers Ernesto and Ettore created the Societa Anonima Officine Alfieri Maserati workshop, but a tragic incident occurred soon after the company’s opening when Italy declared war on Austria and Hungary.

During this time, Alfieri created and developed a highly efficient sparkplug that was soon used in warplanes, while his younger brother Ernesto managed a workshop in Bologna.

Luxurious Brand Maserati

A failed beginning

The three brothers, Alfieri, Ernesto, and Ettore, regrouped shortly after the war ended and relocated their workshop to a better and larger location in an abandoned bottle factory. The trio quickly began putting together race cars using pre-existing and modified parts.

Alfieri began in a redesigned Czech Nesseldorf in 1920, which did not prove to be a success and broke down on the tracks. After this unpleasant experience, the brothers decided to build their own car from the ground up.

The birth of the brand

Maserati formed a relationship with Diatto in 1922, but the agreement terminated in 1926, prompting the brothers to create their own company, Maserati, with its famous logo. Mario, the fifth brother, designed the logo.

The brothers came up with the first car, the Tipo 26, manufactured while in partnership with Diatto.

The series of wins

Alfieri raced with Tipo 26 for the first time on the racetrack in 1926, finishing first in the Grand Prix class.

In addition, famed driver Baconin Borzacchini joined the squad in 1927 and achieved a speed record in 1929, driving a Maserati V4 that had been nearly unattainable for eight years.

Tipo 26M made its debut in 1930, winning with driver Luigi Arcangeli.

Maserati competed in numerous races until 1956, during which time it established a name for itself.

Luxurious Brand Maserati

The first four-door official car

The Quattroporte was first presented in 1963, but it wasn’t until the late 1970s that the car received a presidential sanction, after which it was featured in Hollywood films.

The futuristic vision of Maserati

Maserati is prepared to take on a new challenge in the future years as technology evolves, launching a new electric range of cars by 2023. The brand also made a comeback in 2020 by debuting a new two-seater sports car called the MC20. On the other hand, the company’s first electric vehicle (EV) went into production in the same year. In addition, the company plans to show off its entirely electric engine in the shape of a mid-size SUV

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