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"Maserati Centennial Polo Tour" in association with La Martina


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One tour with one winner will bring together five of the world's most prestigious international polo tournaments to celebrate Maserati's centenary year in keeping with the unmistakable elegance and fascination of the Maserati brand.

Five challenges in five dream locations: Palm Beach (USA), Tianjin (China), London (UK), Monte Carlo and the United Arab Emirates will provide unique opportunities to experience the thrill of the brand that best represents the world of motoring in terms of passion for challenge and luxury.

The first appointment will be at the International Polo Club, Palm Beach, from 26 March to 20 April, where Maserati and La Martina will engage in the “110th U.S. Open Polo Championship”, America's most prestigious polo event.

The tour continues in China, from 30 May to 2 June, where the polo fans of East Asia will meet in the up-and-coming grounds created near Beijing, in the port of Tianjin, where the Maserati-branded edition of the "Metropolitan Polo Classic" is ready to welcome devotee of Italian automotive excellence.

The third event, the celebrated "Jerudong Park Trophy”, will take place in June in one of the oldest and most prestigious English polo clubs, the "Cirencester Park Polo Club", inaugurated in 1894.

The fourth event, the 2nd edition of the "Monte Carlo Polo Cup - Cartier Trophy", organised by the Monte Carlo Polo Club, will be held in July, on the Devens playing field in Beausoleil, just a few minutes' from Monaco. 

The Tour’s final stage will take place in the United Arab Emirates in Autumn.

The Centennial Tour will conclude in early 2015 with a grand final event in Italy, during which the tour's best player will receive the Maserati Centennial Award. The competition with its rankings will be supported by Pololine, the world's most authoritative polo website.

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