100 years

Maserati Experience 2014


Maserati invites you to discover the culture, history and flavours of its hometown, Modena, and the excellence that characterises the territory that surrounds it. Four exclusive programmes have been designed to provide an emotional journey through the classic Mille Miglia. Each of the two-day itineraries include stays in 4-star accommodation and offer guided tours to learn about the rich motoring traditions and refined gastronomy of the area in which Maserati thrives.

The Maserati Experience, Test Drive, Flavor & Wellness and Exclusive Modena programmes allow participants to live the concept of ‘Italian Style’ in fascinating fashion with the link to the area’s motoring heritage at the centre.

Download the .pdf for more details on Maserati’s exciting offers. Please contact info@modenatour.it for more information.

These are 2-day packages. Availability from 16th to 19th May.

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