Maserati joins Formula E in 2023. The Italian carmaker will partner with the Swiss team, MS Amlin Andretti for the upcoming season. Maserati is now the fourth manufacturer to join Formula E, following Jaguar, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

Why Is This Deal Great For Both Parties?

This is great news for both of them. It means more investment in electric technology by one of Italy’s most prestigious brands. It also gives a little extra prestige to the newest member of the FIA World Endurance Championship which has been struggling with low numbers in the previous years.

The deal was announced at a press conference in Turin. Maserati President, Harald Wester said “Maserati sees Formula E as an important component in growing awareness about sustainable mobility.”

Maserati has been making announcements like this ever since Fiat Chrysler CEO, Sergio Marchionne told the world that Maserati and Alfa Romeo would be merging their powertrains for use in future models back in June of 2017.

Great For Publicity

This deal is great for Formula E because it provides them with a prestigious brand from Italy and their logo will be seen on the MS Amlin Andretti team’s cars for the next five years. It is also great for Maserati. With it, they would not have been able to do this deal if they weren’t a part of Formula E.

This does raise one question though, why are they putting Formula E before World Endurance Championship? It makes sense that manufacturers would want to join Formula E because it is newer. However, joining the WEC is a more logical decision for Maserati.

Some people are speculating that the reason why they are making this deal with Andretti instead of Dragon Racing or another team in Formula E is that they are planning on eventually taking over the whole team, but they have denied this claim.

Possibility Of Attracting More People To Formula E

On the other hand, this deal with Andretti is good for Formula E because it means that people will be more likely to come to Formula E races if Maserati is competing and might even make some current Formula E fans trade in their old Maserati’s for a new electric version.

This is good for everyone because it gives Formula E more credibility and Maserati gets to become more involved with the world of electric cars.